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The causes and negative effects of divorce

Marriage is a social institution that provides couples to live together and it supplies intimacy between husband and wife. The institution is supported by the law, religion and society. Furthermore, it can be seen as the foundation of family. The partners promise each other to be together in good days and bad days for a life time. Additionally, the couples have some rights and also some duties to live happily with each other. However, it is not easy to last a long and untroubled marriage life.

The couples may live some problems in accordance with their life conditions and expectations. Nowadays, divorce is seen to be as the only solution for a troubled marriage. Especially in western and industrialized countries such as in USA, the divorce rate has reached to a considerable level. There are many causes and effects of divorce which influence many people and society in any wise.

The most common reasons are poor communication, financial problems, infidelity, liberation of women, addictions, and physical, sexual or emotional abuse. I want to discuss about poor communication, liberation of women and financial problems that cause a failure in marriage, and the negative effects of divorce on children and spouses.

The lack of communication is one of the most common reasons for divorce. Communication has a significant role in a marriage. Many couples do not talk about their little problems which may cause more serious ones. Owing to heavy business life the patterns do not spend adequate time with each other hence, this poor communication may create a distance between spouses. Furthermore, the lack of communication may cause complacency in the relation, so the couples do not care for the problems in marriage. As a result, without communication the patterns cannot establish an effective relation in marriage, and they encounter with the problems which may result in divorce.

Liberation of women is the another most common cause of divorce. By the women’s liberation movement, women acquired more freedom and some rights such as equal employment, educational opportunities and child care. Therefore, the situation of woman has changed in marriage. Nowadays women can work outside, and they have economic freedom, hence the women do not want to last a troubled marriage. Consequently the economic independence of women has an important role in divorce.

The other most common cause of divorce is financial problems. Nearly all spouses quarrel over money from time to time. Especially the lack of money creates problems between couples, because they cannot satisfy their materialistic needs. Another financial problem in marriage is overspending. If one of the spouses spends too much money it may create a problem between couples. Overspending may put the couples in debt, so the couples can live financial difficulties which may result in divorce. The divorce rate has been rising for many reasons and it has negative effects on children and spouses. After divorce children and couples live emotional, social, financial and psychological problems. These problems influence people’s whole lifetime.

The negative effects of divorce mostly affect children. Firstly, the child has to separate from his/her father or mother. This situation makes a detrimental effect in child’s emotional state. Furthermore, the divorce has a negative effect on child’s educational achievement and self esteem. The child also may have a higher risk of substance abuse, criminal behavior and early sexual activity. In conclusion, divorce creates many harmful effects on children, therefore it is important that parents should think about how to protect their children from the negative effects of divorce.

Divorce also has negative impacts on spouses. Men and women usually suffer financially. Especially women live economic problems after divorce. Moreover, the couples suffer from depression and they have difficulty in establishing positive relationships with people. Divorce creates a mistrustful sense which develops a problem in social interaction. In addition, the divorced parents live some problems about child support and responsibilities. Especially, men remarry more quickly than women, thus some new problems begin for spouses and children. As a result, divorce creates many problems both for couples and children, so the spouses should think in many aspects before deciding divorce.

In conclusion, divorce rate has an increasing trend in the world, especially in western countries and USA. According to statistics which are collected by the federal US Census Bureau «the current US divorce rate is approximately 50% of marriages. That is, about 1 in 2 marriages can be expected to end in divorce proceedings», thus many people suffer from the negative effects of divorce. In addition, for many reasons such as difficulties in communicating, chancing women roles in marriage and money problems cause divorce, so many spouses and children live a stressful, expensive and difficult process after divorce. As a result, couples should think carefully, and should see the negative effects of separation before giving a divorce decision.